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I only have one requirement.. Show me a 'first rate laugh.'

If you do, no matter what you want to know, I'll tell you...!!

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Keep Your Soul Safe
A "retired" God of Death/Death God/Grim Reaper, Undertaker was first seen as the owner of a funeral parlor who performed all duties to the dead himself. Funerals nothing more than the dearly departed's last party in his eyes, and he took great care with each "guest" left in his hands. A friend of the Phantomhive family and informant to the Queen's Gaurd dog due to his connections to England's underworld.

He is a skilled fighter, able to go one-on-one with the demon butler Sebastian Michaelis, and possible one of the more powerful characters in the story thus far. Undertaker is capable of close-combat and ranged with both Death Scythe and wooden grave markers he uses as both projectiles and to block attacks; swift, strong, and agile. Underhanded attacks and trickery are also part of his style, be it defensive or offensive.

Throughout all of this, he is curious and driven by that curiousity to see what comes after the "End" of death (Seen in his creation of 'Bizarre Dolls,' which are like ombies but somehow not as they are attracted to living souls). Always enjoying a good laugh, be it from a good joke, a funny story, or the result of one of his experiments. His laughter is almost always at someone else's expense.

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